Join Middleborough on the Move’s vibrant team of community organizers!

 We, the members of Middleborough on the Move (MOM) extend this invitation to you – our townspeople – to join us in making a difference! We are a dedicated collective who are moved, touched and inspired to create a positive image for our Downtown area by promoting Middleborough as an exciting place to live, shop and invest.

MOM has been designated by the Board of Selectmen as the Town of Middleborough‘s partner on issues relating to revitalization efforts in the Downtown area. We are an organization that has on-going financial and organizational capacity, we are self-sufficient, include a broad representation of the community and do not limit our membership to business and property owners of the Downtown area.

You too can make a difference by actively participating in the revitalization and well being of your town, simply by attending our meetings to have your voice be heard for the betterment of your future and the future of our town.

You may contribute on a financial level and/or become a member of one of our several committees. Whatever you may choose to do – we hope you choose to have a voice in your community and become a part of the changes you wish to see!

Please do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions, suggestions and/or recommendations…. our doors (and ears) are always open! We meet at Massasoit Community College , at 5:30 PM on the first Wednesday of each month and welcome you to join us! Thank you from all of us at Middleborough On the Move.

Sincerely and with High Hopes!