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Program Credentials offered at Middleborough Center.

What Courses Will Be Offered?
Students will be able to take a wide range of credit courses that fulfill many degree requirements in some of our most popular programs such as; Liberal Arts, Business, Criminal Justice, and Early Child Care.

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Will You Offer Career Training?
We will offer noncredit workforce training courses in such areas as; Basic Computer, Starting Your Own Business, Customer Service, and Servsafe. We will also offer noncredit GED courses to help prepare people to pass the GED assessment.

The Division of Workforce Development and Community Education will continue to build on the relationships they have created with businesses and organizations in the region to offer staff training opportunities locally.

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Liberal Arts
The Liberal Arts Program is the largest academic program at Massasoit Community College and provides the basis for a wide range of general education options. These offerings, in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics and science, plus a range of electives, affords the student the opportunity to complete a portion of the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree or complete many of the requirements of the courses needed in the Commonwealth’s MassTransfer Program so that students can transfer to a baccalaureate degree-granting institution.

Massasoit’s second largest program is the Business Administration Program. The focus in Middleborough will be the Business Administration Career Program and the Hospitality Option of Business. Because of the proximity of Middleborough to a high concentration of major businesses, the Business Program will provide the academic credentialing needed by employees for career advancement. Additionally, because of Middleborough’s location in southern Plymouth County, the Hospitality Option within the Business Program can provide hotels, resorts, restaurants, and destination spots with trained personnel in the hospitality field.

Criminal Justice
Massasoit Community College’s Quinn Bill-approved Criminal Justice program is also one of the larger programs offered at both our Brockton and Canton Campuses. With Middleborough’s proximity to both Southeastern Correctional and the Plymouth House of Correction, the Criminal Justice program with an emphasis on Corrections will provide both current staff at both facilities and those aspiring to work in the Criminal Justice field the opportunity to complete most of their coursework at the new site.

Early Childhood Education
Although Massasoit Community College has offered its Early Childhood Education Program for several decades, the program has been recently accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children or NAEYC. This program affords those who wish to enter the field of Early Childhood Education with the degree needed for entry into the field and state certification through the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) for Lead Teacher and, with further experience, for Director.